Moroccan Chicken, Roasted Chickpea and Butternut Salad with Lemon Yogurt

Enjoy a delicious fresh salad, inspired by vibrant Moroccan flavours. This salad is filling enough to be a meal on its own. Simple, gorgeous and super tasty.

Ingredients: – Serves 4

• 4 x chicken breasts

• 500g butternut pieces

• 1 x tin chickpeas – drained

• 2 tbsp. olive oil

• 250g baby spinach leaves

• ½ cucumber – slices peeled with a potato peeler

  • 1 carrot – slices peeled with a potato peeler
  • 1 spring onion – sliced

• 1 x small bunch coriander

• 1 x 175ml natural yogurt

• 1 x tsp. sesame seeds

• 1 x lemon

• 1 x chilli – optional

  • Olive oil – just a drizzle

Spice rub for chicken

• 2.5 tsp. ground coriander

• 2.5 tsp. ground cumin

• 1.5 x tsp. paprika

• 1 x tsp. salt

Recipe –

• Preheat oven 180 degrees C

• Mix spice rub ingredients together

• Coat the chicken breast in the spice rub

• Place butternut, drained chickpeas and chicken breasts in a roasting dish, coat well with olive oil and any left over spice rub

• Roast for 40 – 50 minutes or until chicken is cooked and butternut a little caramelised

• Place baby spinach, long cucumber slices, ripped up coriander leaves only, chopped chilli onto a large platter

• Once chicken and butternut is cooked, slice the chicken and allow the chicken and butternut to cool

• Place the sliced chicken and butternut on the greens

• Sprinkle with sesame seeds

• squeeze half a lemon into the yogurt with a pinch of salt and pepper and mix then add some dollops of fresh yogurt over the top

• Squeeze over the juice of the other half of lemon and add a drizzle of olive oil

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