Gorgonzola, Parma Ham Penne Pasta  

Robust flavours inspired by a special person, who fervently introduced me to baked blue cheese black mushrooms wrapped in Parma ham (YUM) These complimentary delicious flavours inspired me to make this simple, salty and silky 15-minute pasta. If you are a die-hard blue cheese fan, then this one is a must!

Ingredients – Serves 2

• 200g penne pasta
• 1tbsp butter
• 3 tbsp. Gorgonzola
• 1 tbsp. crumbled Gorgonzola for garnish
• 4 slices Parma ham – roughly torn
• 75ml pouring cream
• Black pepper to taste
• Squeeze of lemon
• 1 tbsp. Italian parsley chopped

Recipe –

• Bring the salted water to the boil and cook the pasta until al dente
• Once cooked save a little of the cooking water and drain the pasta and set aside
• In the same pot on a medium heat melt the butter
• Add the gorgonzola and stir until melted
• Add the cream and 1tsp of the pasta cooking water and stir
• Add the pepper and chopped parsley
• Put the cooked pasta back into the warm sauce and mix
• Plate the pasta into two bowls and garnish with the Parma ham, crumbled gorgonzola and a small squeeze of lemon

Dee’s notes –
• Do not add salt as the cheese and Parma ham is already salty
• You can use any pasta you prefer
• For a variation add sliced white mushrooms or frozen peas

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