Christmas Ice Cream Cake

If the thought of a fruit Christmas cake makes your arm hairs stand on end, then I have just the solution for you. This super easy ice cream cake will keep everyone at your Christmas table happy. It’s great for our steamy hot Christmas days and is something you can make in advance. 


Ingredients –

  •  1 x tub of your favourite store bought ice cream – I used a chocolate
  • 1 x bar of good quality chocolate
  • 1 x spring form tin – sprayed well with non-stick
  • Strawberries and candy canes for decoration

 Recipe –

  • Leave the ice cream out to get soft
  • Cut the chocolate into small sized chunks, save some for the garnish
  • Mix the chocolate into the ice cream
  • Place the mixture into a spring form tin and onto a plate
  • freeze overnight
  • To unmould – take a warm knife dipped in hot water and run it around the edge of the tin
  • Unclip the spring form tin
  • Transfer the cake to a plate or cake stand
  • Decorate with candy canes, strawberries and grated chocolate
  • Eat immediately

 Dee’s notes-

  • You can melt chocolate and drizzle it over the top
  • Pistachio ice cream make a great adult version 
  • Mix in salted caramel – see the recipe on my blog
  • Mix in whispers, peppermint crisp or any chocolate that you love
  • Try Turkish delight or jelly tots
  • The sky is your limit, so have fun







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