Lentil Patties With Red Onion, Coriander, Capers, Sesame Seeds, And A Lemon Guacamole

IMG_0289They are healthy, good for you, and ever so delicious. You won’t miss the meat, I promise. These rather unassuming patties are packet with flavour and texture. I am of the opinion, that they can convert even the most serious meat eater
This is a great recipe to introduce your family to the good old lentil. Give it a try and watch their faces.


Ingredients –


250g brown lentils
1 small red onion – finely chopped
1 chilli – finely chopped – optional
1/2 cup coriander – chopped
1 tbsp small capers – optional
1 tsp salt
1tsp pepper
2 large eggs
1/2 cup of bread crumbs
1/4 cup sesame seeds
Olive oil or coconut oil for frying

2 ripe avos – flesh removed, mashed with a fork
lemon – good squeeze
Salt and Pepper to taste

Recipe –

Boil the lentil until soft with a slight firmness, drain
Take half the lentil mixture and put it in a food processor (or use a masher), pulse a few times until it gets pasty
Place mixture in a mixing bowl and add the remaining whole lentils, onion, coriander, capers, salt and pepper

Add the eggs and mix well
Add the bread crumbs and mix
Roll mixture in to balls, just larger than a golf ball size (or bigger if you like)
Flatten gently and cover with sesame seeds
Let them firm up in the fridge for a hour
Fry in oil on a medium heat for 5 minutes until golden brown on the outside and warmed through


For the Guacamole –

Place the flesh of the avo’s in a bowl and mash with a fork
Add a good squeeze of lemon juice
Add seasoning and taste.
Top the lentil patties with a dollop of guacamole

Dee’s notes

These patties are soft, to harden them up a little add more bread crumbs
Try them for a lunch, with a salad
You can eat them warm or cold, I prefer them cold


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