Balkan Burgers – Food Truck

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I have always liked the idea of food trucks, casually parked on the street, selling fresh authentic homemade food. In Jozi, the food truck scene is starting to bud and boy is it exciting.

Today, I was driving in my neighborhood when I saw a bright red truck selling food at the bus stop on 7th street in Parktown North. Excitedly, I drove home and quickly fetched my kids and husband, and off we went to get ourselves some lunch. Balkan Burgers were on the menu, a first time for us all. Run by a brother and sister team, and the rest of the ‘behind the scenes’ Ivanovic family.

They started this adventure in 2011 leaving their jobs in the corporate rat race behind. Having seen a gap in the market to introduce people to the wonderful world of Serbian food.

WOW and YUM! the two words that came to mind as I sunk my teeth into this burger. The meat sits in a yeast raised flat bread called “somun” its tastes like real Mediterranean street food bread, freshly made (none of this mass produced stuff) The pattie is cooked to perfection and is as tender and tasty as can be. Now, wait for it … the pattie is then folded around some thinly sliced onion, tomato, cabbage and melted kashkaval (semi hard cheese made from sheep’s milk) and mozzarella cheese. Then finished of with this insanely delicious tomato salsa. The flavors are perfect and the food is as fresh as it gets. You get your money’s worth and certainly won’t be hungry after eating a Balkan burger. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Processed with Moldiv

The service is friendly and warm. It almost felt as if we where being invited into the Ivanovic’s home for a meal. We decided to sit on the side of the street and enjoy our burgers, which is a pretty uncommon sight in the suburbs of Jozi. Turning a few heads as people drove past.

Next time you see that bright red food truck in your hood, be sure to stop. It’s well worth it.

You can follow Balkan Burgers food truck on Facebook – Balkan Burger or e mail them on info[at]


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