Flat Bread


Flat bread seems like a daunting task to many. In fact I think all things ‘bread’ are somewhat scary to make. This flat bread is amazingly easy and does not require any yeast. Yes, I heard that sigh of relief! Its silky dough is very easy to use. To complement this soft, slightly chewy yet crispy flat bread, I have been making a simple lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato and fresh herb salad. Dressed with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a grinding of black pepper. Then I like to flake in some ready to eat peppered mackerel, smoked snoek or even some fried ostrich cubes. Topped with a cooling and creamy tzatziki yogurt or in my case a store bought tzatziki cottage cheese. The wrap meal makes for a convenient and yummy lunch. The dough lasts a week in the fridge as long as it’s snugly wrapped in plastic.

This week for several lunches I have made these flat breads with ease. Take the dough straight from the fridge; roll it out and pop it into a hot pan for 1 minute! These flat breads are a wonderful vessel for almost anything. Tuna salad, chicken livers, falafel or leftovers from last nights dinner. The possibilities are endless. With a small amount of effort and some imagination, you can turn a boring lunch into something fresh and exciting.


Make 8 Large

Ingredients –

  • 4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 100g butter
  • 375g milk
  • 1/4 cup oil

Recipe –

  • Combine the flour and salt in a bowl. This can be done done with a food processor using the dough hook or by hand.


  • Heat the butter and milk in a jug until butter is melted and add the oil.


  • Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour the butter and milk mixture in.
  • Gradually mix in the flour.
  • When the flour is incorporated you should have a soft, sticky dough.


  • Knead the dough for 5 minutes on a well floured surface until stretchy and smooth.


  • Add more flour if dough is to sticky. I needed to add quite a bit here.
  • Wrap in glad wrap and rest at room temperature for half an hour to an hour.


  • Divide the dough into 8 pieces, or more if you want smaller flat breads.
  • Roll out on a floured surface as thin as you can.


I was not able to make perfect circles, so I decided to make them more rustic looking.

Heat a non stick pan until hot

Cook the flat breads for 30 seconds each side. Don’t cook for to long or else the breads will go hard.


Fill with your choice of filling and eat!





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